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Read the latest testimonials from some of our clients 

Truth Legal purchased LEAP Legal Software to replace its incumbent case management and accounting system. Jayva UK Ltd, as LEAP's official UK certified consultant, was instructed to manage the implementation project.

Andrew Gray, Solicitor & Director at Truth Legal, explains: "From the outset, Nicola Moore-Miller, Managing Director of Jayva UK Ltd, defined a series of deadlines for each stage of the LEAP Legal Software roll out.  She set our expectations regarding the overall timeframe and, with her driving force behind it, we achieved all our milestones throughout.

"First, it was installed firm wide.  We have a combination of office based and home workers, PCs and laptops, so this presented a logistical challenge.  Also, as a hybrid system, part locally stored and part hosted on LEAP's servers, setting it up required Nicola's input onto several individual machines.  I'm far from an IT expert, yet it all seemed so straightforward.

"Next, our end users from every business function were trained on the software, from accounts clerks to fee earners.  This was a simple process because our assigned Jayva trainer, Steve, showed us around the software step by step and demonstrated how easy it is to use.  It didn't take long to become familiar with the features relevant to our diverse roles in practice.

"In sum, the Jayva team, led by Nicola, gave the right level of hand-holding support we needed to progress through the various project phases.  The staff at Jayva are friendly and efficient which, in my opinion, is a formidable combination.  I can't rate them highly enough."

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